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30 June 2009 @ 2pm

iPhone, Mac OS X, Windows XP

iPhone 3.0 Tethering on Mac OS X or Windows XP (Non-Jailbreak)

The iPhone 3.0 firmware update that dropped several weeks ago includes support for tethering. Tethering has been around for some time– and is not a unique iPhone feature– but is now available on all iPhones without having to jailbreak your phone or having to download any special carrier files.

Apple has made tethering dead-simple, so there is really no need for instructions. However, since I spent several fruitless minutes Googling for instructions, I thought i’d spell it out for those that seek after me.

  1. Enable tethering on iPhone
  2. Connect iPhone to computer with USB cable1
  3. There is no step 3

Seriously, this is how easy it was for me. I tried in on my Macbook Pro running Leopard (10.5.7) and on my new Acer Aspire One netbook running Windows XP, and it worked perfectly on both. No extra installation or configuration needed. Just plug in iPhone, and you’re online.

(If you are having any problems, check the Apple Support doc.)

I managed to snag a copy of NetShare when it was available on the App Store, and have used it a few times. It did work– sometimes– but was such a hassle to get working that I rarely used it. In addition, it sucked battery life like crazy, and you were limited in how you could use it– most applications needed to be setup to use a proxy.

I didn’t think I would ever say this, but here is an occasion where I am glad to be on Rogers. Rogers includes tethering for free on any data plans of at least 1 GB or more. I snagged the 6GB “special” data plan when it was available, so i’m good to tether all I want.

Tethering with iPhone is so transparent that you almost don’t need to think about it. Just plug-in and go.

  1. You can also tether via Bluetooth, which worked equally well for me on Macbook Pro. Apparently Bluetooth tethering can be slower, and does use more battery life. But it’s pretty cool to be tethering via the phone in your pocket. 

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