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Fixing RedCloth (undefined method `textilize') Errors on Shared Hosts

Symptom: You’ve developed a Rails app utilizing the RedCloth “textilize” method to apply the textile filter to to text field. eg. <%= textilize @post.body %> You may have the “RedCloth” gem installed, or unpacked to /vendor. This app works fine on your local Mac workstation. When you try to run your app in Production mode [...]

Updating Gems for Rails 2.1 on Slicehost

As part of deploying a new app to my Slicehost account, I needed to update the Rails gem to 2.1. When I ran sudo gem update to update all my installed gems, the process just sat there. I waited patiently for 10 minutes, and then 15, but nothing ever happened. I thought maybe there was [...]