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iPhone 3.0 Tethering on Mac OS X or Windows XP (Non-Jailbreak)

The iPhone 3.0 firmware update that dropped several weeks ago includes support for tethering. Tethering has been around for some time– and is not a unique iPhone feature– but is now available on all iPhones without having to jailbreak your phone or having to download any special carrier files. Apple has made tethering dead-simple, so [...]

Mac OS X: (Finally,) An Easy Way to Copy the Full Pathname of a File or Folder

Every so often, I need to get the full pathname to a file or folder in Finder– usually to explain the location of a file about 17-levels-deep on a network drive somewhere. Each time this happens, I cast about aimlessly on Google for several minutes, trying to find a quick solution. There are a few [...]